Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lemon Ice Cubes

Change of plans!
you know how I said that I was going
to do DIY's on Monday?
Well I'm pretty busy so
DIYS are going to USUALLY on
but I'm going to make an exception today!
I'll post the newest Tutorial!
please know that this is ABSOLUTELY
NO WHERE NEAR my crafting ability's
and I mean NO WHERE
So here it is.

Lemon Ice Cubes
There Delicious
and Amazingly Simple

You'll need an Ice Cube Tray, one Lemon
Some water. And an optional ingredient
for the sweet people. hehe SUGAR
Cut your lemon in to pieces
but keep the peel, it adds extra
*Oh and wash the lemon before
So then cut your lemon again into little pieces
Then place on or two lemon wedges into
the ice cube trays
Then fill it with water
until the water hits the edge

Then put it in the freezer
and wait until the top is frozen and I'll tell you why
This is for the Optional Part
where the sugar comes in
So when the top of the cubes are frozen
add the sugar to the top so it doesn't sink
to the bottom then your ice cubes will taste like
Wait Once more wait until its completely frozen.
Give it a little twist
and you've got lemonade
or lemon Ice Cubes
They add an amazing lemon
flavour especially with the peels!!

Hope you like it
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