Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Who? Owl?

As you may know I was sick on Wednesday and today!
but I guess I'm feeling a bit better and have gotten enough energy to
do a good post today. Wednesday was theme day and I missed it :(
but no worries I'm doing it now!
just pretend it Wednesday for a few minutes

So the them is: OWLS
As I'm sure a lot of us know, owls are really hot right
now and there rather mysterious with fun chic look
so here's owls!
Again know that 100% of this goes to the artists, creaters, painters
etc.... These are all so amazing and all credit goes to the artists
Simply for entertainment so enjoy!
The first thing is a vinyl wall art or decal. I found it
on etsy of course and I just fell in love immediately.
Next one is something delicious! An owl cake! oh my goodness
its absolutely so creative and looks so decadent but really
its easy, or at least they say its easy at cut out and keep
This one I love also! ahaha so many!
anyways i found it here. I love the combination with the tights and the
amazing shoes!
This next one is on cut out and keep again! This person has a How-To on
Cut out and Keep. They got inspired by the Kate Spade owl purse but
was turned off by the price! holy cow! Personally I like this one much better!
This one is cute too! I know I sound like a broken record.
But really I love them all!
I actually really really really want this shirt
not to mention the glasses are too cute!
I think these bags are pretty darn cute too!
How-To here
I don't know if you know this about me
but I'm a huge ring fanatic! its bliss (source)

And Finally this little painting just makes me warm
and fuzzy inside! oh how cute!

That's it for theme day
I know its Thursday but I just couldn't miss
this! Come back tomorow to see Favourite Friday!
Its going to be good!

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