Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book Thong?

So your probably asking your self, what the heck is a book thong? Funny name right? Well basically its a bookmark. But no ordinary bookmark. Its made with beads. If your the reading type who loves to read then you should definitely make this. And not to mention there unbelievably easy to make.

So lets get started

What you'll need: Its amazing you only need some of
your favourite beads, embroidery thread and some
scissors. Preferably the beads should be small and
relatively flat so your book doesn't have a huge bump
in the middle.
Cut your embroidery thread. I made mine
about 10 inches and it was a bit to small.
So I would go about 16 or 17 inches. You can always
cut off excess. Better safe than sorry.
Make a knot at the top. I made two knots on top of
each other to make one big knot. But it all depends
on the hole size of your beads.
Start adding beads. The fun part.
Add all of the beads you wish to have
on your book thong. Then tie a knot
directly above the last bead. This can
be tricky so go slowly and gradually
ease the knot down. DON'T just pull.
It needs to be tight!
Then go about 7 or so inches above the previous
knot you just made and apply beads on top of it.
Then tie another knot after the last bead.
Make sure its tight and the knot is big enough
that beads can't fall off.
Then you just slip the thong so that
one end is in the book and one end
out of the book marking your place.

p.s. the reason the background in all my
pictures are red is because I was outside
when I did this to get some of that sun. And It
was a bit chilly so I grabbed my red blanket.
In case you were wondering what it was. haha

The End.
I love feedback. Let me know what you think.
I love beads.



  1. Fun! I read CONSTANTLY! What kind of books do you read?

  2. Yeah I thought it was kind of cute! Honestly Im not much of a reader. Haha which is rather Ironic. But I did read twilight. Not my favourite.


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