Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Cracked Bucket

DIY is coming really soon like within an hour or so.
But I found this really amazing and cute story.
I was watching this girl on YouTube named
bubzbeauty. Shes really cute and shared this
amazingly cute story. So I'm still trying to figure out
the whole embedding a YouTube video. So I'm just going to
type out the story. It's well worth it.

This story is amazingly inspiring and
has a great moral. This is my favourite story.
Read it! haha you wont regret it.

There once lived a granny and everyday she would
travel up the hill into the lake to get water and she would
carry a pole on either side of her shoulders and on each end of the pole would hang a bucket.
So of course this is where she would store the water to bring home.

While one bucket is in perfect condition the other one is cracked. So the bucket that is in good condition would always carry one full buckets amount of water home. While the cracked bucket would only bring home half a bucket full because It leaked.

Over those few years the the granny would only carry a bucket and a half of water home. The perfect bucket felt very happy and proud, but the cracked bucket would feel ashamed of himself and unworthy. So he asked the granny " why don't you just get a new bucket? For the past few years Ive only been able to deliver one half of a bucket amount of water home" A few days have past and the granny works so much to get the water from the hill shes only able to bring a bucket and a half of water. So when the granny heard how sad the bucket felt she decided to take him to a place. She took him to the path she take to get to the lake and back home and what she showed him were the beautiful flowers on the way to the lake.
And she says to the bucket Ive always known of your flaw, Ive always known about the cracks but I took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on your side of the path.

And because of you these beautiful flowers were able to grow. So I could pick them up and put these beautiful flowers in my own home. So if it weren't for you, this cracked bucket I wouldn't have experienced such a beautiful journey on the way to get water and be able to have these beautiful flowers.

I really hope you enjoyed the story
its very touching to me.
Credit goes to the owners! They were only used to increase the emotion
about the story and to give it an effect. Their all truly beautiful. That's why there
in my blog.

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