Thursday, March 4, 2010

DIY Jr. Yumm.

Hey guys
So I've got like a little mini Tutorial
but I wouldn't really call it a tutorial at all.
Its just a different way to do something

So this is it! Short I know. But i Really like to eat my oranges like this.

What you do is this: First Peel your orange, but don't split it
in half, then take a sharp knife and cute it into rounds
going against the orange grains? But it seems to taste better like this
give it a try and tell me what you think.

Just wait 'till Sunday. First official DIY

I kinda think there's something wrong with me
because I am always thinking of crafts, like not even joking
I find myself thinking about crafts all day long, but not complaining.
I'm just a little weird
oh man ha ha. Well anyways guys talk to me
I love comments.

Oh and ask me questions
and if I get enough, even though I probably wont
because its a bit premature. But IF I do I will
do a post answering all questions.


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