Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY Sunday: Felt Leaf Garland.

This weeks DIY is Leaf Garlands
I was really inspired by this Lady's blog right here
her leaf garland is beautiful with such great colours
I got really inspired and wanted to see if I could make them
I took it into my own hands and here's what I came up with.
And Actually hers were inspired by Elsie's from A Beautiful Mess, so basically
its just a big circle of inspiration


Felt Leaf Garlands
To Start you'll need Embroidery Thread, A needle,
Scissors and optional: paper, only if your a perfectionist
I personally didn't use one. It got to finicky
And of course any colour felt. I chose to use only
dark green and cream, they were the only colours I had
that went together.
This is for those perfectionists who like to have everything
look the same. So make your designs and cut out only
the inside.
Cut out the leaves and arrange the way you wish.
Then do a running stitch going through the leaf
as if it were the veins. p.s. theres a typo
hey, accidents happen.
Keep going, just adding leaf after leaf.
Get to desired length then tie a knot.
There you go VOILA! I love it. I think mine
is going on my bed or around my mirror, or even
on my computer. But I was thinking that it could
also be used as a necklace type of scarf.
So versatile.


  1. thankss :) I fancy your blog as well! I like your background
    hehe thanks :)


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