Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY: T-shirt Scarf.

Hello there. here's my latest DIY. hope you like it
Its a T-shirt scarf/ necklace made out of an old t-shirt I had. I saw one of these types of necklaces or scarfs on etsy by two guys named necklush. They look so great. So I wanted to see if i could make one for a less expensive way.I guess I got very excited and made a bunch of them in all different colours. I get tons of compliments on them. Very earth friendly.
p.s. hope you all participated in earth hour.

Your going to need a t-shirt. XXL Is awesome if you can get it.It's also really important to have a seamless shirt on the sides and for the shirt to be cotton. And some sharp scissors for nice clean cuts.
Cut under the armpit to get rid of top half.
Then cut the bottom seam off.
Then cut one inch strips. About. the thicker you cut the thicker the strips will be. I'd say the minimum would be one inch. You could also do thick and thin strips.
Then pull the strips so that they curl in on themselves and almost double in length.
This is what the strips should like before and after you pull them
Now take all the strips you've pulled and line them up so that they make a continuous circle.
Now take a strip of fabric from the top half we previously discarded. Stretch it and tie a knot with a tail behind.
Here's the hard part to explain. Take the tail and make a c shape. Then take the extra, wrap it under and through the C shape.
Then do that about 5 more times.
so tie the tail you had to one of the pieces in the middle of the necklace. If that makes sense. Just to secure it and so you cant see it.
LOOK how EASY that was. Took hardly any time at all and its so beautiful. not to mention you doing the earth a favour. You can wear it many different ways. Experiment. Trust me you wear this out and you will get a bunch of comments. And you'll have that pleasure of saying "Actually I made it" :)


p.s. leave me some love y'all


  1. That's a great idea and looks very nice. Definitelly will try to do it myself!

  2. Thank you! Its unbelievably easy!

  3. i made one!
    ...and i looooove it :)

  4. I found your blog a few days ago, and I saw this and LOVED it! Then my husband threw out two t-shirts...I knew I had to try this! It turned out so cute! Thanks!


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