Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Love

Its Favourite Friday, I think I'm going to call
it Friday love though I like that better.
But anyways this is what I'm loving this week

These are not my pictures! I wish they were.
They belong to the artist, creator, maker etc..
I wish I had all of these things. If you made one of
these, my hat goes off to you. Amazing
This giddy up girl necklace is absolutely amazing
found on etsy. hehe love it
I think this is the best bag I've ever seen! I wish I had
it. But a bit pricey for me. But ill just dream about it.
I'm not much of a clutch girl. Because I always feel
like I'll loose it or leave it behind somewhere. But this one
is just to cute not to love. Found on ETSY of course
If you ever have a chance to try this licorice!
Buy it and lots of it. DELICIOUS. I could eat the whole
And I also love Jasmine Pearl Tea! If you don't know
what it is it may look a little strange. But basically
there little ball hand rolled from the Jasmine plant,
then you put them in your tea only about five of them and
let them unravel and voila! jasmine tea.
Holy Cowl! this is amazing! so chunky and amazing!
I wish I knew how to knit, well I do, I just don't like
it. Anyone want to knit this for me? haha just kidding
Holly makes this amazing little neck warmer! I love the
colours! How-To Here
I think this is my second favourite. Other than the bag
actually no scratch that. They are both my favourite.
Its so magical!



  1. I am glad to see you are feeling better! I am in love with that room! How cute would it be for a little girl? Or a big one too...

  2. Yes feeling a bit better, unfortunatley my cold was gone and now its back. :( But that room I do agree is just perfect. Adorable in any room!
    Thanks for the comment I really like it!


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