Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Love

Some things I'm loving this week.
I hope you love them just as much as I do.

OPI Nail polish in Alpine Snow Matte.
Definitely got to go get me some of this. I'm just loving it. Especially because its not shiny and you don't really see non shiny nail polish that often.
I cannot express how much I love these shoes. I would have bought them in a second, but they are just to high for me. I cant stop thinking about them. I have shoe envy.
I'm also totally in love with colourful tights. Again I need a pair! I think Friday Love has become more like what I love but also what I NEED!
I also stumbled across two finger rings. And I'm a ring fanatic. This one just so happened to have my name on it so it was only fitting I put it on my blog. Although the one on the left has my name on it. I like the rose one better.
I'm sure many of you have come across Design Sponge. For those of you who haven't. DO IT! There awesome. I love all their tutorials especially this one. Its only made out of pipe cleaners! Amazing!
I sure love this one. I wonder if i could make it? Maybe it will show up again later on in the perfect pear as a DIY! Who knows. I just know I love this.
This card is SOO CUTE! Eeeek. Its so simple to make!. Made by how about orange. An amazing DIY site for just fun stuff! Haha check it out.
And aren't these just adorable. Their little watermelons made from carved out limes and jello. They look delicious.

Like I say before 100% goes to the artist creator, designer etc..
I wish I owned every single one of these. Love them all.

p.s. i hope everyone had a fantabulous week. Get ready for the weekend.

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  1. Those yellow tight with flowers are so adorable, so cute and fun looking.
    there are some colors that I don't feel comfortable in, but when it somes to the tights - there are no bad colours for them!
    Today I'm wearing bright bright pink and it feels sooo good! =)


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