Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello Lovely's
How was everyones day?
Mine was pretty great!
I had a very relaxing sleep and dreamt
of beautiful crafts and beautiful vintage stuff.
Oh its was glorious. But anyways. Today is Tuesday
and There's Nothing planned for today so....
I don't know what to say. But I would really love it if you could help
me with a something Tuesday. Natalie Call Recommended Song Saturday
which I will do. Thanks Natalie. p.s. go check her blog out called whipped cream on top. Very Cute.

So come on guys help me out I need something for TUESDAY

And know that you can always recommend craft suggestions

I found this adorably, amazingly beautiful necklace/scarf on etsy
Oh my goodness I'm in love
If anyone knows what OYA lace is? Id LOVE to know so I can make one!
This is what It looks like
Found on etsy here

Anyways guys going to eat some yummy soup
oh soup is great for being cold!
and SO simple



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  2. did you end up finding how to do this? or do you need a little help


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