Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Diy: Paper Flowers

Its finally here! I must say that I'm sorry for not posting this on Sunday! But I do have a life haha. Anyways glad to be back. Haven't posted in a while. Lets skip to the good part. The DIY! Now this one isn't one of my ideas or original creations. I got the idea from how about orange. Seriously I love this site! So this is NOT my idea. Full credit to How about orange and your site is amazing. They've got great crafts! But anyways I saw this one and I really wanted to try it out. So I thought I'd bring you with me on the 'journey' haha.

So were making.. well i don't really have a name for it quite yet. How about orange calls them Paper Flower Ornaments. So.. I guess that's what there called. :)
Anywho your going to need paper, scissors, ruler, stapler and tape.
Oh and a pencil. You could even use a shnazzy one like this! Yes I have a hotwheels pencil. Haha little kid at heart.
You going to be working with your paper landscape style. Mark 1" sections all along the paper till the very edge of the paper. You should end up with 11 sections.
Then cut out those eleven sections. I made 11 more marks with my pencil at the top so that I can know where I'm going and don't end up with one big side and one small side. But if you've got a steady and straight hand. GO for it!
After you've cut up all the strips. Stack them up on top of each other. Find the middle. I think for me it was about 11 cm? I think! But measure yourself! Then put a staple in the middle. I had to kind of bend the end of the paper so it could fit under the staple and so I could get a straight staple. Perfectionist.
Now comes the hardest part to explain. So please correct me if its not clear but I'm going to do my best. Okay so you see the dark green diamond/ square and the light green circle. Put a piece of tape on the square that is double sided or make one of those tape rolls. So its sticky on both sides. Then bring it over so the tape touches the circle. Now you'll have a bubble thing. Now fold it over so you have a clean crease. Now keep doing that. Only on that side first.
So I finished only one side. So I'm done half. Now do the exact same thing on the other side.
Pheww. Now your done. Hard work eh? haha not really. But look how gorgeous they are.
Definitely go check out How About Orange for more creative and fun ideas!
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  1. I really like that project. I might have to employ your technique for some upcoming decorating needs. Thanks for sharing!!

    (PS: I found you via EvaForeva.)

  2. thanks so much! I love how versatile it could be. Definitley for some decorating :)It was my pleasure :)

    oh i love evaforeva


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