Monday, March 1, 2010

The Plan. No Funny Business! HAHA

So... hmm where to begin??
you know what I'm just going to tell you
no introduction
Here's the plan for my blog
Monday: Way Back When
This is when I got back into the future and show some
of the pictures and fashion statements, ect. what people
liked and anyways you get the idea
Tuesday: Random of if you have an idea
I'd love to hear it
Wednesday: Theme day
Like colours and vintage etc (pictures
all of the theme)
Thursday: Again like Tuesday (open for suggestion)
Friday: Favourite Friday 10 or so of my
favourite things for the week.
p.s. don't quite like the name so
can you come up with a good one?
Saturday: Like Tuesday and Thursday
ahhh so excited

That's lots of Info.
Please do read.



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  1. What about a song of the week or something? Song Saturday...


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