Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Love

TGIF! For a few reasons but most importantly its because it Friday Love!!
This week has gone by so fast! No complaining here. So let me share some of my favourite things this week. Everything is so great!

1. bedazzled cameras. I would love to live in a world where everything was bedazzled. this is my camera. which I'm in love with, now its been blinged out.
2. not martha. Tiny gingerbread houses that sit on the edge of your hot chocolate mug.
3. fabric covered buttons. how-to on how about orange
4. Absolutely in love with art journals. Holy Cow! (I don't know if anyone says that other than me) I'm totally in love with this one. I think I'm going to take elsie and rachels art journal class.
5. yellow mustache iphone cozys. i showed this on my theme day. it was a yellow day so it's only fitting i had it on there.
6. wooden branch buttons. i am currently making my own
i love them because they are just so versatile. its great. I might do a DIY Sunday on them if you think that's a good idea. Let me know
7. long story short. I love tea. Cold, hot, sweet, sour. You name it, i really enjoy tea. i thought this was amazing idea and it just might go in my room some time down the road. Design Sponge
8. i just found this lady on etsy. her stuff is amazing! let me give you a little taste. it definitely satisfy my ring craving. lightning. bird. wheel. filigree
9. who ever came up with this is basically a genius. dunk cup? i think yes! its so original. I love it. you can cookies with you whenever you need to dunk them!
10. last but not least. I have been dying to know how bigpapa photography off flickr did this photo. because obviously she couldn't of landed well. So is she photo shopping it? i just love her work.

thanks for joining me on my journey this week. Come back on Sunday for DIY Sunday.


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