Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Socks, Socks and More Socks

Theme Day: Socks, Tights And Leggings
A fashion statement all by themselves.
Usually a picture is worth a thousand words. Ive only
got two words for this one. Holy Cute!
Thought this one was cute as well. This pic would look
awesome in Polaroid. Not so sure I'm a big fan of the
black and white but its creative the way the socks are
so colourful.
And of course how could there be a sock theme
day without sock monsters and sock puppets.
Perfect picture. The socks hanging of the edge
kind of reminds me of one of Dr. Seusses characters.
I just love her outfit. I really need to get myself
a pair of colour tights! Oh and a pair of cowboy boots
anyone know where to get a pair of affordable boots?
Yes. She is indeed floating. How she did this, I have
no Idea. Ive been dying to know. anyone know how
she did this?
Aren't these amazing! There Tattoo tights
I'm totally in love. Ive got to get me a pair.
Etsy of course!
Visit one of my favourite blogger. Elsie!
Her adorable sock monkey couldn't NOT make
it into my theme day.

I think these are some of my favourite pictures from
theme day so far. So I definitely don't want to take
ANY credit for these. All credit to photographer. Amazing.

That's it for socks y'all
Let me know what you think.

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