Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Theme Day!

Its Thursday!
and the first Theme Day!
So today's theme is HATS
What I love about hats is that they are so expresional (totally just made up my own word)
There's so many different types that I love
and a bunch of them are super cute!

p.s. Please know that NONE of these photos are mine
100% goes to the photographers/artists. These photos are on here simply for

Love This So cute but
I don't think it would be at all
the same without the HAT
And I love this Hat especially with the little flower
I thought this one was cute of two best friends
the girl on the left, her facial expression
is adorable

And of course who could forget

having fun with your pets and dressing them up

in your clothes. HATS

That's the end of Thursday Theme day today

so cant wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

This flower IS 100% my photo however

hehe. Talk to y'all hah tomorrow




  1. Flowers + Hats = Perfection. Always.

    I think you should do an "about me" post so your readership can get to know you

  2. wow your just full of ideas!
    that sounds great


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