Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Theme Day: Rings

well its a beautiful day and a perfect time for theme day!
this weeks theme day is rings!
for some reason I feel like I have done this theme before. if i have please let me know.
so I'm a huge ring fanatic. I have around 30 rings! I'll wear maybe 3 or 4 on each hand everyday! I know that's alot! but I just love them so much.
let me show you some of my favourites.

I have always loved these little guys. especially the ducks. and the woodgrain
this one is just beautiful. no better way to describe it.
so a lot of lady's have a shoe fetish. nope. not me. Im so jealous of this crazy ring collection. *sigh*
now if you've read some of my other posts I'm sure you'll recognize this ring in my Friday love. so well it is a ring. it deserves to be here again!
this one is rather vintage which is quite nice.
I really really like these. A few reasons. 1. they're just amazingly cute and colourful. 2. there ecofriendly because they're made of old skateboards. its so great.
the last one is this green ring. its kind of mysterious to me because of the black, kind of reminds me of a forest and all the glitter is just amazing.

well that's it for theme day. Hope you liked it!
which one is your favourite?
just a few of my rings. love em all. love you all


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