Sunday, April 25, 2010

DIY Sunday: Stamps

Some new news for you guys! I am currently taking the art journal class by Elsie and Rachel, I am SUPER excited! It starts tomorrow and that means its going to keep me busy and posting might not be quite as regular. But don't worry I will try my best, and I will keep you updated on my progress with some pictures too!

But anyways lets get back to the DIY today!
Lets make stamps!
You'll need: Glue Gun, a yogurt top or jar lid, scissors, sharpie and ink.
Cut lid into fours or use multiple jar lids. And make your design with sharpie.
Make sure that if your do words or letters that they are backwards.
Now trace with glue. Make sure you have and even consistency all the way through.
Now put your stamp on ink and stamp it! voila! a vintage old looking stamp!
hope you day is swell!

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