Sunday, April 11, 2010

DIY Sunday: Wood Buttons

I have always been lovin wooden buttons. So I thought how hard could it be to make them.
So this is a DIY to show you how to make them. I didn't really plan on making this a DIY and I haven't even finished them yet :S
but anyways you can make some and let me know what you put them on. Give me so inspiration to finish them,

Okay so you are going to need, a branch, some sand paper different roughness, a saw, and a drill for the holes.
First thing you want to do is find your branch, one that is dead and has the right thickness for you.
Then you want to get your hand saw and saw it off.
Then you want to saw your buttons off. I did about eight of them.
Next take your sand paper and smooth the edges. I kept the bark on because i like the natural look of it. Make it smooth to the touch. It should feel like a soft and warm blanket. Mmmm smooth.

Next you will drill two holes right in the middle opposite sides of the center brown bit.
Then take your sandpaper and smooth it down some more. No rough bits.
Well let me know what you would put them on. Then maybe ill have some inspiration to finish mine. One day.

happy Sunday

p.s. i have added something to our mondays
not nearly as exciting as friday love or diy sunday. but you'll have to wait and see!


  1. i love your blog and have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award ( <3

  2. NO WAY!!! wow! i cant believ this im extatic!
    thanks sooooo much Megan!!!!


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