Monday, April 12, 2010

A few exciting things!

The first rather exciting thing is...., well if you read my DIY post then you know that there is something special planned for Monday's now! So Monday's now are going to be random day. Random posts, thoughts, facts or anything i happen to have on my mind! sound good?

So today my mom so kindly got me up a pack of gum. Old fashion made with rain forest chicle.
Its so good and looks so cute. And I have also been dying to try and make ratatouille ever since i saw the movie it looked just SO delicious. I'm sure you thinking, where is Lauren going with this. Well let me tell you, ratatouille has onions in it right? and I have chewing gum.
So toady's random fact is about both of these things.
Did you know that chewing gum while cutting, peeling or dicing onions wont make you cry as much? How cool and random is that? Anyways oddly enough i didn't end up chewing gum and started crying like a baby! it really hurts.

So that's the first exciting thing
Now the second exciting thing is something even more exciting!
I got nominated for Most Beautiful Blog award!!!
I'm so excited! I'm very happy that people are appreciating my blog and I'm not just blogging to No one! Thanks SO much Megan!
So go check her out! Her blog is wonderful.

So if I accept this nomination I must:
  • Thank the Person who nominated me (again thanks Megan!)
  • Copy Award and paste it into my blog post! (above)
  • Tell you seven interesting facts about me
  • Pass this award to 10 beautiful blogs.
  • Contact nominations.
So seven interesting facts about me:
  1. I have lived in a tropical place for 7 years.
  2. I love to try new and exotic fruit and have tried about everything in the produce department.
  3. I won a photography contest when I was seven out of amateurs and professionals, i also won second best in show!
  4. I have swam and played with string rays
  5. I have always wanted to be a marine, plant or cell biologist.
  6. I have absolutely perfect teeth and have never had braces.
  7. I am also a badminton player! I love it!
Hope those are interesting enough for you guys!

So ten beautiful Blogs
  1. Rachies Place
  2. From Scratch
  3. Color me Katie
  4. Making Chicken Salad
  5. Whipped Cream on Top.
  6. How About Orange
  7. Heres Lookin at me Kid
  8. Smile and Wave
  9. A Beautiful Mess
  10. Polka Dot Robot
Well there ya go! Ten beautiful blogs
Now I must go let them know that they're beautiful!

So if you get this award. You must:
  • Thank the Person who nominated you and a link to there blog
  • Copy Award and paste it into your blog post! (the picture)
  • Tell seven interesting facts about you
  • Pass this award to 10 beautiful blogs.
  • Contact nominations, and let them now that have been nominated
  • I have added a new rule: you must say why you like this persons blog.
Well hope you like the new Monday!
Ill see you guys on Wednesday or maybe sooner if theres something i wish to blog about.



  1. Lauren, thanks so much for the nomination! I am just finishing up the school year and things are getting really crazy! 20 days until year end testing and still more math and science that needs to be taught (eek)! I will try to accept the award (that you have so graciously offered me) when I have a break in lesson planning. In other words, it might be a few days...

    Also, I saw this Flickr feed and totally thought of you!

    I am trying the onion-gum thing tomorrow!

  2. Natalie it was my pleasure. I really do like your blog a lot. And you were also the first person to ever comment and say how much you liked my blog which really made me So happy! So I would love to have you accpet the award even if it takes a few days! I can totally relate to being really busy. Sp take your time.

    p.s. thanks for the flickr video, i can definitly see why it reminded you of me.

    Jessica you are very welcome!
    I think your blog is beautiful!

  3. hi lauren! thanks so much for the nomination! i will definitely accept and blog about may take a couple of days, but i will definitely do it!

    and i will have to remember the chewing gum trick the next time i chop onions.


  4. oh rachel you are most welcome. I really enjoy your posts! and if it takes a few days then that is totally okaay! yes do let me know about the onions and gum, let me know if it actually works.



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