Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Love

Its Constantly amazing how fast these weeks have been going by. I love it!
Want to see what Im in love with this week?
Sure you do!

p.s. the words above the pictures describe the picture below it. changing the order a bit. please feel free to let me know which one you like better.

the first thing is pez. i have some fun memories of pez's and I thought it was high time i re-live those memories. oh how i love pez

the next one is something i found on the Internet, on a great blog called evaforeva. I found a crocheted paper weight it is so dainty and beautiful. i love it.
the next thing is called a t@b I'm sure some of you have heard of it and maybe some of you haven't. but they are the cutest things EVER! oh my goodness i think i want one.
this one is a bit random but i do really like these. raw figs.
i just recently learnt something new and amazing. having a heart shaped lens type paper. came across colour me katie she does amazing stuff, especially with her walls. I think I've got to give it a go.
i also love vintage fabric. i just went through a bunch of bins and boxes and found a lot of really pretty stuff.
i also found a bunch of other things that I'm really in love with.
the first are seashells from where we used to live and some travelling we've done. oh how it calms me down to put my ear to them and listen to the ocean.
some other things i found in the boxes are some doilies that my mom gave me because she has so many and doesn't know what to do with them. i really want to know how to make one although its probably insanely hard.
another thing that brings me pure and honest joy is blogging. yes theres something about it that's relaxing. and not to mention i have become very good at typing. and i also feel that my writing skills are getting better which is a plus. creative.
theres something about patterns like these that are so simple yet so.... hmm whats the right word. beautiful? that'll do.
well that's it for friday love today. i hope you like it.
oh yes i crocheted this hat a while back, and i never shared it with you so i thought i would now. like it?
bye lovelies

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