Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Love.

My favourite things this week. Enjoy!
1. vintage phones in this colour.
2. bakerella easy as pie pops
3. peach ice cubes. (picture) Recipe here
4. spring thermos DIY by the wonderful Elsie. Its beautiful.
5. Indian food. especially emma's palak daal recipe that she got from 101 cookbooks.
6. cupcakes. who couldn't just love these beautys?
7. mood nail polish! who would have ever guessed?! I really want some in the happy/earthy colour
9.mod cloth! I cannot believe these clothes they are so amazing and the great part is that they update their shop EVERY SINGLE DAY! theres new clothes everyday! I love it. Good job mod cloth. My hat (vintage) goes off to you.

10. My tenth favourite thing is a song. Valentine- Kina Grannis

So that is all for today. My last thing that I love is Fridays! how fitting.
Hope your Friday is as good as mine! :)

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