Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gardening: nature at your feet.

Oh how I love gardening.A few reasons why I love gardening.
  • I love to watch everything grow, especially vegetables mm.
  • I love to water the plants and give them love.
  • I love the greeness of your back yard.
  • It's great for your soul and heart.
  • It's SO healthy, you know what you eat and get exercise doing it.
  • I love picking out the plants each year.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden are great gifts.
  • Gardening makes everything beautiful.
  • The feeling of getting the first little sprout
I love the effect gardening has on me. Going outside and seeing how much bigger each little plant it. I love gardening.

This is my garden so far.
we've planted tomatoes. and lots of them
french breakfast radish, and regular radish.
the starting of our carrots.
tiny little pea plants.
super small baby cherry trees. I'll be about 60 by the time I can eat a cherry off these.
and wheat grass.
Today is earth day so be nice to the earth and grow your own garden, even if you start small.
Trust me its wonderful.
Happy earth day

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