Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Day: Kiss or Shake?

Today random fact or post is about kissing and shaking hands.
yes, it is random, I know. It is random day after all. p.s. pretend its Monday. :)
So back on topic here. Which one do you prefer Kissing or shaking hands? It can be with someone who know really well or someone you may have just met. Personally I like hugs, its the happy medium, but that's not the point.
Did you know that kissing
is actually cleaner than shaking hands?
Does that mean we should all kiss? NO silly!
That's why I like hugs.
So that's it for totally random fact day. Hope you learned a little something. Be back tomorrow for theme day! It's going to be a good one!
anyways love you all (that sounds so cliche) but really no jokes. I do. Whoever reads this is the best.
(Kiss source) (hand shake source)


Oh and the kiss source is from We heart it and I looked up the link but it said I had to log into flickr to view it and I don't have flickr. So if this is your photo please message me. I'm not taking any credit for any of these photo's.

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