Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Theme Day: Pink

Well Wednesday is here and that means that its theme day.
So I'm sure that some of you know that today is anti-bully day and to support it you should wear pink. So todays theme is all about pink. Enjoy.

pink flamingo's. I think I'm in love with flamingos, there so quirky.
i am in love with crepes (pink ones too)! i love them so much, but whenever i try to make them it never works because I use whole wheat and i don't eat white flour. so if anyone knows a good whole wheat crepe recipe, Let me know!!!
pink pigeons? who would have ever thought. I wonder how she got pink?
cute little pink toys from the movie cars. oh how i love that movie. so adorable.
and of course pink balloons.
how delicious does this pink ice cream look. I really want some. mmm
i really like this dress too. ooh pink
i thought this little pink graphic was very cute.
pink shoes and hearts. keepin the love.

well thats it for theme day. hope you wore pink. and if not, well its never to late.


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