Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Theme Day: Scarfs

So todays theme day is all about scarfs. So warm and cozy perfect for any season. That's why I love them.
I found this one on etsy. I really really like the colours of it. And the material looks amazingly cozy.
i am absolutely in love with this colour. it looks so majestic. I want it
etsy of course
i thought this one was pretty nice and creative.
i just love pictures like these that make you smile and forget everything that's worrying you.
i really want to have a photo shoot like this. one day
and of course theres these vintage scarfs with the big glasses. I seriously wish I lived in this time, like the time of the movie the Notebook.
i love her scarf too. so pretty. i also like her dot tights.
this is perfect in every single way. enough said.
i also love it when guys wear scarves.
just imagine how long this scarf is. Holy cow!
lastly this beautiful picture. the sun is perfect. so summery

so which one is your favourite?
i cant decide!


hope your day was spectacular.
p.s. just so you know. these aren't my pics. the first 3 are from etsy and all of the rest are from weheartit. I just found that site and all the pictures are absolutely amazing. So i take NO credit for these amazing pictures and creations.

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