Sunday, April 18, 2010

DIY Sunday: Felt Camera Case

This DIY for this week is quite timely and took me along time. But its well worth it because it turned out really great. I got the inspiration from plushim on etsy. I love all her creations and got quite inspired by this one. (disclaimer at the the bottom.)
So I went at it without any instructions or experience with needle felting. So it turned out pretty good I thought. And I'm going to share it with you.
First you want to cut your felt. I choose to use blue and cream colour.
Then you want to cut two circles. This will be your center piece.
Then add a button to the blue bit. Then sew the blue bit onto the white piece.
I used a felt middle piece because I didn't have a white button that big.
Then cut two small circles and add buttons to them.
Then sew the white on. But just the bottom part.
Then add the center piece to the blue part.
Then add the little buttons on either side of the center piece, the one on the right a bit higher than the one on the left.
Then cut this little piece and add it to the button on the left.
Then cut these shapes. (they are small)
Then add them to the top white part. Then sew up the white part. (at the top)
Then cut this white the same size as the blue and white part. Then add a pocket.
Then cut this piece. Its the same size as the blue and white part, it just has that little tab at the top.
Now I don't have a picture to show this, but I will do my best to explain it. So take the piece with the pocket and put it on the main piece. Place the one with the pocket so that when you turn it over you can see the pocket and it is covering up all your thread. Then take some hot glue and glue it on. But ONLY on the middle because we don't want to have to sew through glue. Trust me its hard. Then align your piece with the tab too.
Then sew it all up. But only the sides and bottom. Then add some velcro to the tab and voila! Brand new camera case. It doesn't look completely like plushims but close enough.
*disclaimer* I do not in anyway take and credit for this idea. I just wanted to re-create it. 100% of the idea goes to plushim. Its beautiful.*


  1. Ahhh! This is, by far, the CUTEST thing in the world! Your rendition of it is awesome!

  2. I thought it was pretty amazingly cute too! thanks but I'm not so sure about my version, I like the other version better. But its not bad for a first time. thanks Natalie :)

  3. omg~ i love this diy!!!!! i am so gonna give it a try!!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. that sounds great! I'd love to see pictures! flickr maybe?


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