Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Love

Well hello there,
I am very sorry for the delay on Friday love.
I just got back from a tournament so I'm pretty exhausted, but I can still blog about what I love today. So here it goes.

The first is this lovely piece. I love it a lot and want to make one. Pattern here by a common thread.
the next thing is head scarfs. Oh my gosh I totally love this vintage look. I need to master this one. i don't really know what to wear it with though, I don't really have many dresses :( have any ideas?
oh how i love these pictures. I so badly want to do a photo shoot like these.
the next one would be wheat grass. mmm good. we are currently growing some. cant wait
I love quails. not to eat though. long story short I saw a bunch of quails on my yard and the male was protecting the female and watching her eat so she was okay. It was so cute so that's why I love them.
I have been admiring vintage glasses like these. I really want some but.... I just don't know what to wear with them. but their still beautiful.
leaving notes in places for people to find and make their day.
I also really love cute little camera necklaces. I want one of these. etsy.
I have also discovered the band/group she and him. I really like them.
The last thing that I'm SO excited about is this art journal class. with my too favourite bloggers. I am just counting the days until it officially starts. you can still join too here.



  1. head scarf is really a beautiful thing, but i can't an outfit with it looking good on me. But i love hats.

  2. oh yes i totally agree Ruta. I wish I could find something to wear so they would look good. :)


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