Monday, May 17, 2010

Its all about you!

For todays random post I wanted to dedicate it all to my wonderful readers and well possibly future readers!I want to know what you think of my blog. This is the time to give me suggestions for things or topics you want me to talk about. Or maybe you think I should do more personal stuff about me to get to know me a little better? Or maybe you would like to see something like a picture everyday. I would really really really and I mean REALLY love to hear your input on my blog. Please dont be shy, it could be your chance to plan the future with me (at least thats what I call it). Myabe you think I should add pictures to flickr (which I just got a few days ago) or I should do something around quotes or music, fashion, food anything at all I want you to let me know. It would be SO helpful!


  1. I allways find more difficult to read light cases in dark backround, but I like your new colors of blog. It was a bit to intense for my taste when it was all in acid green.
    You find and show some good ideas - i love theat too. Maybee some pictures could be bigger, and some posts could have less but more "precise" pictures. People love pictures and ussually start reading only if they are "atracted" by them, but too much is a bad thing too.
    And yes, I would like to know more about you.

  2. Yeah it can be hard, but I just dont know what colour for the font becuase they all look kind of bad with this colour. Any suggestions? And yes I do agree the acid green was to over powering. About the pictures, I sure do wish I could make them bigger but thats as big as they go. Thanks for the great input Ruta!
    I tihnk I'll do about me post? maybe or hmmm just gradually get to know me.


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