Friday, May 14, 2010

I've lost my words!

Not going to lie, this week has been pretty slow. I have made a goal for myself to try and blog everyday, its a work in progress. But I must do it. So thank goodness its Friday!
1. I really love these twig push-pins and wall hooks.
2. diy coffee stencils. from how about orange
3. i want it! thanks to my wonderful grandma, who is like a wiz at crocheting, she is making me one of these. I love it!
4. I am totally in love with feather earrings, I think I will make some someday. But I especially love these beautys
5. this is totally GENIUS! I so want this. I.....have no words to describe how much I love this! (modcloth)
6. Again I have no words! Where have they gone? :) hehe. Love it
7. I recently found another blogger who I can add to my blog love list. Sea blanket. Especially love this tutorial, and her adorable bag!
8. Dont these look so delicious. So christmasy! not to mention I could probably eat that whole bowl they look so good! I'm eating them with my eyes. Get the recipe here on 101 Cookbooks
9. I have found my new favourite singer! A fine frenzy. Shes the best, especially her song blow away. I love her.
10. I just learned a new technique called bokeh. Never heard of it before, love it, wish I could do it. Its beautiful

Happy Friday!

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