Friday, May 21, 2010

Pardon my Absence

I must say how sorry I am for not blogging. I know you don't want to hear excuses and all that, but I have been pretty busy with a bunch of projects. Please forgive me.
Things I'm loving this week
1. Granny Smith Apples. So delicious, very sour and kinda bad for my teeth, but OH SO juicy.
2. Decorative pens, they just making writing so much fun.
I love this song! Melancholy Astronautic Man by Allie Moss
4. I absolutely love we heart it. They have SUCH inspirational pictures!
5. Up is possibly the cutest animated movie I've seen in a LONG time :)
6. I love these 70's Vintage Candy Stripe French Glasses. Found right here on etsy. Buy them!

Well I haven't really been on the computer much, although I did make a necklace out of a tree branch :)
like it? Not my favourite but oh well, I learnt something new!
sorry for the absence again!
Elle (which happens to be my new nick name) I quite like it!
Have a good weekend

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