Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My all time favourite colour is BLUE! But there are many different shades of blue, like baby blue, deep ocean blue and turquoise, a personal favourite. So today's theme day is about turquoise!
this picture completes me.
I love pictures like these. Where they are so simple but completely inspiring to the fullest.
melt my heart! Oh how I love glitter!
this little clutch, is simply perfect! etsy!, what a great site!
look at these beauty's! i just love modcloth! dont you?
i think that turquoise is the perfect colour for a vespa like this one. and this one too!
now this is my kinda ring! its a little circus with a little flag and everything! some people are just so creative!
i love these little cute pictures that make you smile.
swings are about the closest you can get to licking the rainbows and floating in clouds!
i love this little note.
these delicious, almost to yummy to eat turquoise doughnuts are spectacular. Come to think of it i haven't had a doughnut in.... a LONG time! which then reminds me that I found this delicious looking recipe for doughnut muffins on From Scratch. Emma has delicious recipes.
What a coincidence, theres even a turquoise background! Yummy Doughnut muffins!
Well that about wraps up todays theme day, I really had fun doing this one!
Hope your day is wonderful.


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