Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to my Secret World!

Hello my beautiful and lovely readers. I would like to just take this moment to day how grateful I am for you! I get so happy when I read your comments, even though theres only a few, It makes my day to know that someone likes what I am writing. I have been missing you guys a lot, but I have been feeling uninspired. Everyone has those moments, but I'm back and have got some good stuff to share with you! So to start off, I have missed Moday which is random post and Sundays DIY, so don't worry, I will be sharing those with you. But later on in the week!
But as for Wednesday goes, the theme is Art Journals! I thought I'd share with you my art journal pages, and a few of my absolute favourite ones!
Lets begin! Beware, its going to be a long one.

Welcome to my secret world!
This is the inside of my ambitions page, sometimes i get mixed up with the dreams and ambitions, but its all stuff I want to do! p.s. see that 100 followers on my blog thing? yeah? maybe you could help me?
This is my dreams page. So sorry the lighting isn't that good but my dreams are to, Have a pen pal in like India or something, maybe Paris. Be a highly respected marine biologist (probably an ambition), have a friend like the sisterhood of the travelling pants, run a half marathon and milk a cow! Oh and open my own shop, etsy maybe. I really want an etsy shop!
i love this page, its probably one of my favourite pages so far. Its about my dog named Ginger, and how sometimes i over look and take for granted her love!
This page is all about things I want to learn. I want to learn how to make a doilie, be really good at embroidery, I also would like to be quick at knitting, and learn how to make a grab button for my blog!
This one was my thoughts on being a homeowner! i love this page too!
this one is called noted. and basically you note some things about you! I used a piece of paper that came out of this old photocopier on the right hand side! I thought it was cool!
This is my dream house page. basically I want to live near a river, have a big yard, a big garden, have a long driveway with draping trees along the side and the one in the front where I can hang a swing in it. Oh and it'd also be nice to live near the beach!

So those are my pages, now lets look at some other peoples!
I love the middle picture so much!
I think this is so beautiful. I love those little hearts falling from the clouds!
this page is absolutely wonderful! I love all the cute little details
these envelopes are so fantastic! I love the depth they have!

Well it certainly has been a long post!
But a fun one, none the less!

I love you!

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  1. thanks for blogging my art journal!!! it's such a special feeling....thank you!!!
    i am now a follower of your blog!!!
    i love your blog's so cute!
    thanks again,
    kendra =)


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