Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Yearly Bracelet.

So I had a thought. That was inspired by this picture.
And I totally fell in love with all the little charms. My immediate thought was I want to make one, but then my hopes fell when I thought. Where am I going to get all these little fun types of charms? But then a thought crosses my mind. What if you and your friends all had a bracelet and you all got each other charms every say hmmm month or birthday or holiday. And that little charm would represent something about them. Good idea no?



  1. Do you know what would be awesome? If you rounded up a bucn of bloggers from all around the states/world and have them find a charm that represents their home. They could buy one for each blogger participating and then send them around. Then you'd have a charm bracelet from all over! It may be a bit expensive though...

    School is out tomorrow so I will hopefully be returning to my blog!

  2. that is such a clever idea! then you would have like a souvenir from around to world! but it do agree it would be a bit expensive, plus theres shipping too. but definitly an awesome idea!

    glad to hear you will be getting back to blogging. :)


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