Monday, June 21, 2010

money can't buy LOVE

Who needs money when you can have all of these? I'd be happy with anyone of these.
1. Beginners Eye: that time you saw something for the first time will never come again.
2. The Calming Sound of the Rain: theres no other sound quite a soothing as rain.
3. Inside Jokes: No one will ever get, and that's what makes you laugh.
4. Finding something you Lost: It feels like its brand new.
5. An Elderly Couple: Who after all these years feel like they just met each other.
6. Lightning: the excitement of watching a near by storm. The moment when your heart skips a beat to look at the lightning for that fraction of a second.
7. Knowing People are Reading what You're Writing: words cant really explain how happy it makes you :)
8. Comments on your Blog: did I mention I love these?


joyous monday!

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