Friday, June 18, 2010

mr. sunshine! your here!

happy Friday! summer has officially started. lets start with some thing I love and think you might too!
1. adorable ruffled headband. tutorial right here.
2. these cute, little eye masks, I want to try and make one. buy it here at etsy!
3. don't you just love this picture? i think its so freeing!
4. i love this tutorial on one pearl button. go check her out. shes amazing!
5. this amazing, piece of art work. I cant even imagine (no pun intended) how long it would take to make this! but its oh so beautiful.

that's all for today. hope its sunny and gorgeous where you are!

p.s. from now on Friday love and other post are going to be shorter. you know its summer!
love you


  1. I mad that ruffled headband a while back. Turned out really fun! I had some extra fabric so I made a bracelet the same way, just attaching the ruffles to a strip of elastic that I stitched the ends together of.

  2. Natalie! it looks so good on you! how creative to use the left over fabric as a bracelet! :)


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