Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trip in Pictures!

These are a few pictures from my trip so far. Now you can feel like your right here with me :) Enjoy!

This super amazing vintage car!

It rained a bit on the drive there, and I thought it would make a nice picture.

My crazy little dog Ginger fell asleep kind of half smiling :)
I made a headband, no instructions or anything.I was quite proud so later I made 6 more! Thinking of selling them on etsy, what do you think?
Went for a walk and came across a nice little dandelion.
And finally I got out my art journalling stuff. It felt good, but everyone was asking me what I was doing. My grandma really wanted to see what I was doing because it looks interesting, but its personal and I didn't want to share, it has all my deepest darkest secrets that even Im scared to admit. I mean I haven't even showed my parents any of my pages. it's my little secret world, do you ever get that?

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to vintage and second hand stores. Every time before we go we always say what we want to accomplish or find. I'm hoping to find lots of pretty skirts and dresses and my ultimate goal would be to buy a pair of white RayBan club master glasses! or cat eye. who knows maybe they'll be waiting just for me.

hope Saturday was a sunny one!



  1. What a lovely blog! You take gorgeous photos - and have curated the most beautiful images around! I'll come here for inspiration.

  2. thats just amazing! thanks so much:)


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