Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is so exciting, I don't think it needs any kind of explanation, so without further adieu here's what you can win.
This is whats in the giveaway. Some really pretty fabric, an old black and white Niagara falls postcard, some pretty paper, 3 cute cards, 3 of my Polaroid pictures, some suede cord in black, orange and red. Some word magnets, pink ribbon, a bow bracelet made my me, some buttons, colorful paper clips and paper accessories, blue lace border, a button ring also made by me, and some letter stickers. This also includes one of my t-shirt scarfs of your choice (see colors below)
To win, comment below letting me know your name, email address, which of the scarves you would like, and you have to let me know your favorite kind of tea!
This will be up until next Sunday! (not this coming sunday but next weeks sunday)
p.s. you'll also get an extra entry if you link this giveaway on your blog. but let me know!
hope to see lots of entry's!


  1. Hi!
    My name is Jenn, my email address is jesusfreak1990 @ gmail . com
    I like the blue and brown scarf, and my favorite kind of tea is jasmine green


    blogged it!

  3. Rachel Crisman
    I love the white and purple scarf!!! They are so awesome,I want all of them!!!!!As hot as it is,I would wear it right now!
    As for tea,I love peppermint tea! Yum!

    I linked you and blogged ya just a little. Take care and have the best week ever!

  5. Hey, my name is Anna. My email is and my favorite tea is nettle and mint. My favorite scarf is the brown and blue.

  6. My name is Brittany and my email is
    My favorite tea is any type of natural tea, or bubble tea;)
    MY favorite scarf is the pink one:)

  7. Hey there cute lady!
    my names is justine at
    and my favorite scarf is the magenta!!

  8. Oh such a good giveaway!!!!
    My email is
    I pick the magenta scarf
    and hmmmmm my fav tea......homemade peach tea after it's been stuck in the fridge for a few hours :)
    and I am going to blog your giveaway right now at

  9. awesome! I love the magenta scarf. too cute!!! and great stuff in the giveaway.

    I love just regular black tea, with a candy cane in it. especially during the winter. :)


  10. Hello, my name is Taylor and my email address is

    I love the pink scarf (so cute) and my favorite tea is green (because it makes me feel like I'm being healthy)

  11. Hi there pretty lady. It's emily creeping your blog haha. Cute giveaway :) wish I could enter but since I'm your bff I think that's against the rules. Love ya more than lavender wands and search games <3

  12. Wow gorge giveaway!! I love the pink one! Pick me pick me!! :D

  13. LOVE! how do i pick a scarf... they're all adorable. ok, i'd prob wear magenta the most:) my fave tea is tazo passion tea, yum! and my email is
    thanks! great giveaway!

  14. Oh, I"m following you too:) :P

  15. I'm Susan,, Love the purple and whitescarf. As for tea with honey is my choice


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