Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it's brooch-tastic!

so latley vintage has been a big thing in my mind latley. Which then got me thinking about brooches. You know, how one thought leads to another. So why not make todays theme about brooches! I have found a great collection of brooches, so enjoy this delicious eye candy. :)
I would definitley wear this fancy little owl brooch. source
its a unicorn brooch. ha no duh lauren! but thats so cute :) (source)
even a camera brooch. what a creative idea! source
my jaw just hit the floor! this is a collection that I wouldnt mind having. I think Im going to start. source
how beautiful is that? such a pretty blue. source
oh they're all just so pretty. eek! source
this one is also quite pleasing. :) source

pretty soon im hoping to go to our thrift, flea/vintage store. I hope I can bring back some of these with me, or I hope I'll bring back something to show you :)

happy wednesday
p.s. these arent my images, sources below. Just thought I should let you know that!


  1. Hi Perfect Pear,

    I love the pins you've found. I happen to be fortunate enough to have a hugh vintage pin collection I inherited from my grandmother. Love the lacquered pins especially.

  2. Oh I am so jelous! I want some adorable enamel flower brooches! :)


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