Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Inspiration Time.

As a blog reader and owner (writer? owner? hmm I don't know) I always find it interesting to know where people find there inspiration and who they look up to. So here it goes.

As far as inspiring images its definitely we heart they're all so vintage and the pictures are just wonderful. Then when I find images I like and appeal to me, I bookmark them so I don't forget. My second choice for images would be flickr. Its really friendly feeling!

Now for inspiring people... whew there are so many. Four that particularly stand out when I ask my self this question.
Their names are Elsie, Rachel, LA or Leigh-Ann and Emma. Their blog are just so fun to read and they keep you interested and they do some amazing classes, and the Red Velvet Store is INCREDIBLE! I want it all. The best part is that they are living their dream. One thing I would like to do. (click on images for their blogs)
These girls are my idols, so if you've never heard of them, now you have and you will thank me. They are truly amazing.
Some inspiration also comes to me randomly when I'm out, which can be unfortunate because I forget it if I don't right it down (which I usually don't) so it gets lost.
And where may I ask do you get your inspiration? Blogs? Pictures? I'd love to know! Do tell.
Be back in a bit with the GIVEAWAY details! Don't go anywhere!

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