Friday, July 23, 2010

just peachy! happy weekend!

Its quite late here, but maybe not for some of you. Which I find kind of cool. But here's some things I've been loving.
I absolutely LOVE the color lemongrass. I think its the perfect blend of green and yellow. mmm!
blueberries. right about now, they're just about half my daily intake. :) that sounded nerdy.
I just think these are peachy. how are peaches related to salsa pots? I honestly don't know. It's just what came to mind.
Inspiring notes, that make me want to do this. which I really should!
I have really been loving grey heels. I want a pair. Add to my slowly growing collection of shoes.
Well thats all for today, I am allergic to my pooch and my eyes are really puffy! So I am going to bed and possibly watch 500 days of summer. What do you think?

p.s. be sure to enter the giveaway. also for sources either click the link below or the picture! double whamey!

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