Monday, July 5, 2010


I have this thing about lists, that is hard to explain. But simply put, lists are my thing. Currently on my summer To-Do list is this:
  • Make a Summer Log: I have been rather regretful about not taking the Red Velvet Summer Camp, these make me jealous. If only I knew how to make one, especially this one, its so cute!

  • Make a Pillow Case Dress: Now I just need to find a nice pillow.
  • Fix my iPhoto: it just isn't co-operating with me, which is rather worrisome because it has ALL my pictures on it. eeek!
  • Find a way to keep track of all my ideas!: I have to many thoughts running through my head! does anyone else find that? I need some kind of way to organize my thoughts and ideas and blog posts and pictures and EVERYTHING. help?
  • I'd also love to sew a dress! but that ones optional.
Adios Amigos!

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