Sunday, July 18, 2010

A little Replacement!

Just want to let you know that there wont be a DIY today. But to satisfy your DIY needs I'll show you some more of my favourite tutorials and things I've collected over the years.

Learn how to make this amazingly easy canvas piece of artwork.
Ruffled headband. right here! too cute, too cute!
another really simple but cute headband! even by the same girl.
simply beautiful fabric flowers.
Hairbow holder! you could even hang this on your wall!
Cute nylon baby headband!
and lastly elsie's super cute spring thermos DIY. I really need a thermos!
Sorry there's no DIY from me today but, this should keep you busy for a while!


  1. The canvas DIY art piece looks amazing!

  2. Oh I completley agree! its so pretty!

  3. Look at that pop of red in the first photo... LOVE it!!

  4. Yeah its such a vibrant and juicy color!


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