Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new Edition.

If I could have my dream room, or house it would have these things in it.
For a while this will be a new addition, or a new series (until I run out of rooms). I'll do one room of the house every Saturday. Lets start with the bathroom, small and quaint. (click on pictures for sources)
This adorable orla kiely soap dispenser would hold some yummy smelling lavender soap.
Another soap holder for my huge porcelain tub, but if I had my way, this would be a nice robins egg color.
This would be the giant goldfish bath tub plug, that would be in this tub, below.
This - the tile + more candles= perfect. oh and some feet on the tub too.
And these darling lights would be draped around a mirror of some sort.
This would most likely also be in robins egg blue, but it would hold just some of my necklaces.
My towel rack, I'm thinking my towels would be maybe cream or robins egg. Its one of my favorites :)
And lastly some wall art. I should really stop here, but I could go on forever. literally.
What would be in your dream bathroom, or maybe you have your dream bathroom. Let me know.

p.s. next weeks will be something good, like the living room. So be there!


  1. This is great.. I wish I have a room with this too. I love the way you presented.. Nice job. Keep going friend.. I would like you to visit my blog, much simple and just started, and comment..

  2. Oh why thank you, I am glad you likw this new addition to the Perfect Pear family. And thanks for following. :) I will definitley visit your blog.


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