Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photography #3

Somehow, I cant manage not to take pictures. Its almost become second nature, to have my camera with me. These are a few of the best ones I've took recently.
apple blossoms.
quail. I had to lay on the ground for about 45 minutes until they could get near me, that's when I snapped this picture! and it was well worth it, he is so beautiful. This is why they are my favorite animal!
I'm not so sure what these flowers are called. but it is very pretty!
Playing with the ISO on my camera, turned out pretty interesting.
Another experimental ISO picture. Not bad eh?
p.s. is anyone doing project 365? I'm thinking of doing but having guilt of not finishing it.


  1. Awesome pictures! What is project 365?

  2. All of your pics turned out great. What patience you have to wait for that quail!

  3. Project 365 is where you take a picture everyday for one year, to document that year! Thanks Katie and Tayebug, I love your commments!

  4. that's really neat. But I'm afraid I wouldn't finish it either. :/ Unless pictures of projects you are making count.. I'm always taking those. lol.
    xo, Katie

    btw, the pic of the quail is a really pretty picture. I like it.

  5. Hi, You are a good photographer too.. Which one can I say as best.. Uh, Difficult, Each one is best at its own way. I feel great on following your blog. Keep your nice work going.. Love you too.. Hugs.. Take care..

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