Monday, July 12, 2010

rainy days!

i just love rainy days. Its all cloudy here, so I'm planning on staying in bed, watch some movies, blog, make some lavender wands, and drink tea! sounds like some kind of great day to me! whats an ideal day to you?
mm tea

I'll be back in a little while



  1. Oh that sounds great! I love rainy days! mmmm I might go make some tea's sunny and HOT here but I'm tired from a crazy weekend so I'm staying in, doing some birthday shopping online, catching up on some blogs i haven't read in a while, maybe watching a few movies and eating on left over party food ha ha :)

  2. Your images are soo pretty!! Im really glad I found your blog!

    I am having a giveaway,
    Stop by and have a look!


  3. yum. I love tea. I'm about to go make me some! :)
    BTW, I featured your fabric flower tutorial on my blog here:


  4. Lane: I am so jelous of the hot and sunny weather were you are! Although it does feel good to have a me day!
    Missy: Thanks so much, although they arent mine, they are from we heart They have the prettiest images. And I am also really happy you found my blog too!
    Katie: Tea is delicious. THANKS SO MUCH!!!


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