Friday, July 16, 2010

short friday LOVE

It's my Moms birthday today (this isn't my mom, just so you know), so friday love will be a bit short today.
I LOVE old bookstores, its so fun to search through all the shelves. Its one of my happy places :) Especially when you find vintage books.
the next one would be perler beads, these bring back childhood memories of making rainbows and hearts and cute stuff like that!
DIY. I mean I am allowed to love this, right!

I told you it was a short one!


  1. I *love* ole book stores. I can spend hours in halfprice books (not an old bookstore, but lots of cheap old & new books, lol)

  2. I totally agree with you, old/used book stores are amazing! they're so cheap too! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your mom ha!
    and oh i love love love old book stores I like to wander around them, gather myself a nice stack of books, then go hide in the very back corner of the store to read them its what i like to do when I've had a bad day

  4. Oh thank you Lane, I shall tell my mom!! book stores sure do seam like a fun and safe place to be, and so cozy! my near bookstore has old postcards that people have written and sent, I love reading the back of them :) you feel like you know that person

  5. Oh I love that old post card thing that sounds really cool

  6. yeah its great, and there are so many too! which is suprising to me :)


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