Wednesday, July 21, 2010

these make me happy :)

What would a blog party be with out some DIY?! Not a very good one, in my mind. And we definitely don't want that!
1: This AMAZING crocheted necklace. you know me I'm a crochet girl!
2: Super simple coffee stencil! how cute for that special occasion
3: Oh I just love these fabric pom pom's!
4: Chelsea over at seablanket, shows how she makes this cute headscarf bow. adorable.
5: LA over at freckled nest, shows you how to make a stamp out of... lino i think?
6: photoshop actions, look like they save a whole bunch of time. really must give these a go!
7: How to turn lights into hearts and other shapes. Which I later learned is called bokeh, pretty eh?
8: A pillow case dress! who would have thought!

And on that happy note I leave you on an even number (because even numbers are my favourite) and I'll see you munchkins a little later!

p.s. sources are always below, those links! :)


  1. You really should try photoshop actions. They are fun to play with. :)

  2. Yeah it is on my summer to-do list. better get on it!


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