Saturday, August 7, 2010

can you tell I'm excited?!

Ready for Saturday special? Today's is going to be good, its my all time favorite room to decorate besides my bedroom. The Kitchen! Oh so many pretty things, vintage too!
Can you tell i'm excited?! click pictures for their sources.
pretty mug to hold your tea? Definitely. Oh and they also come in green and yellow!
Me being a tea lover, I would definitely have a few of these in my kitchen. Come on its a panda who can resist?
again with the tea!
And I was have a HUGE Pyrex collection. Oh so pretty,
A pretty robins egg blue fridge is definitely in order.
I love the look of hanging pots, so I would definitely want this in my kitchen!
GENIUS, people are getting cleverer by the second. I especially like this!
Finally a gigantic antique clock over the stove.
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  1. Wow!! The Kitchen and the accessories are wonderful. Especially the cute mug.. I love it.

  2. I heart pyrex. I have a collection of the olive green pyrex bowls. (I think they are called crazy daisy?) and my sister has the light blue pyrex from the 50's.

  3. I love that kitchen with the chalkboard cabinets! How many times have you been to someones house and you can't find their glasses or silverware! Everyone needs to do this!

  4. @ramlakmi: oh the mug is very cute indeed!
    @Katie: OH they sound so pretty and wonderful, I really love pyrex :)
    @Ashley: I totally agree, you go to someones house and this time you just know where everything it!

    thanks for your lovely comments!


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