Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granny Square Coffee Cozy DIY!

It feels like, forever since I've done a DIY. But I am happy to say I have gotten my inspiration and creative juices flowing again.
So on todays DIY menu is a granny square coffee cozy. I'm going to give this to my friend. shh. don't tell her.
So here's what you will need. I used a 4.00 mm crochet hook. You will also need to know how to make a granny square.
They are really easy, here's a great tutorial to get your started. step by step pictures, and patterns.
1: crochet the first round in one color. Then tie off.
2: Add your next color. Or you can use the same color too.
3: Then tie off, and there you go. The first one!
4: Make 2 more squares for a total of three!
5: take two squares and line up the bad sides together. kind of like when you sew.
6: Have all three sewn together.
7: Sew them all together to make a loop!
And voila! you can even make it a cuff/ bracelet too! Versatile!
p.s. make this tutorial? show me!!! I want to see it. leave me a link in the comments.


  1. I LOVE crocheting! I'm actually working on a blanket right now made of a billion granny squares! haha

  2. I LOVE TO CROCHET TOO! and I just love granny square blankets! I'd love to see pictures :)

  3. Oh, I wish I knew how to crochet...

  4. I will for sure post pictures on my blog when it is finished :)
    Although, that might be a while. Haha


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