Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another rainy day here which means, craft-o-rama! I just iced a chocolate zucchini cake, and I also just watched Mrs. Doubtfire. I love that movie. Now I am blogging, and I think I could really use some tea because its freezing in my house!
I also crocheted another hat in green and am starting another one in royal blue!
Later today I am going to see inception, it looks really good. Has anyone seen it?
I am totally in love with this necklace. But whole smokes looks like you need a LOT of embroidery thread, and I don't have that much at the moment. Does anyone have any projects I can make with embroidery thread?
Now I want to ask you guys a few questions!
  • I want to know how you would describe my blog in 3 words or less.
  • What you like or think I am doing good.
  • What you would like to see more of, whether it be more how-to's, inspiration pictures, more pictures of me and what I did (ex. go shopping, the library etc..)
  • And one random thing, it can be anything. Just to make this fun!
Answer these and your amazing!
i think Im off to do a photo shoot!


  1. That necklace is cool. I kinda wish it was raining here today I love rainy days. and I would be happy to answer your questions...
    1. hmm..fun, inspiration, and a good daily read (thats more than 3 words but all well)
    2. I love how artsy your blog is, how your always doing diy's and all that jazz
    3. I don't know..I think your doing pretty good, I love a good mix of everything
    4. something random...hmmm I dunno, I'm just taking a break and checking in on the blog world I've been busy today with cleaning out my room it's been a bit past due and I've been putting together letters and packages for people because a good mail day is always fun :)

  2. 1. Cute, inspiring, artsy
    2. You must have a lot of fun writing, it shows up in the posts :)
    3. I love how-to's and inspiration pics
    4. I've been making whales :D

  3. inspiring, pretty, nifty. :)
    I really like your posts about what you would put in your dream house. I think those are really neat. and your inspiration post are darling. :)
    I like your diy round ups. would love to see more of those.
    and random..... you're super sweet. lol


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